Week One – Creating the Inserts

I began my journey with two personal organisers. Both were Personal sized – one red, one black leather. The red was for myself, as I am a sucker for a bright coloured binder, and the other was for my best friend, Tory, who begged me to make her a personalised organiser (on commission, of course).

Before I could even begin on my own organiser, I started on Tory’s. She didn’t have too much of an idea what she wanted from it, other than that she needed something to keep track of her work and her life when she returned to university for her second year. Using this, and my existing knowledge of organiser pages that I had learned from pinterest, I began creating inserts for her filofax.

I started (stupidly) at the end of the month, and so I had no money in my bank account until payday. Therefore, I was unable to purchase any kind of good software to create these pages on. Instead, I used Microsoft Publisher, which actually surprised me with how capable it was of handling what I needed to do.

I’ve never been much of a graphic designer, so this was the most difficult part for me. I knew that she wanted a red and black themed organiser, and so I set about building sheets with this colour scheme.

I started by creating a calendar, beginning in September 2015 (because I knew the organiser had to be finished by the time she went back to university) and ending in August 2016. I measured the dimensions of the inserts that had originally come with the organiser and used those as a sizing guide for the pages I was creating (taking into account the left margin which needed to leave room for the ring binder).

Once I’d created a look that I was happy with, I needed to know about any personal additions she wanted. There were a few birthdays that I needed to add in, and I did so. She also wanted her university term dates in there, which I also did.

Next, I created for her a daily planner (purchase here) which encompassed all the aspects she needed – a section for a hourly schedule, a to do list, a section to input her work, a water intake section, and a meal planning section.

Then I created some very basic sheets – a notes page, and a bucket list page (which she had specifically requested).

Week One - Tory's Inserts

Those are the sheets that I created for her. (Sorry for the rubbish picture, but the lighting is terrible here.)

I then had to wait until I had a bit of money so that I could buy some necessary equipment to turn these sheets into actual insets for her filofax.

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