A tale of tape, glue and pastel colours…

Once upon a time there was a nineteen year old girl. She was a bright girl – a true organisational freak, as all the best people are. She always had a to do list on the go, and had binders and notepads for each different aspect of her life. She loved to scribble down her thoughts, but hated that she had so many different places to do so, and that none of them were overly portable.

One day, she was sat at her desk in the office, scrolling through pinterest on her phone, when suddenly she saw it – a beautiful red filofax, glowing with colour. It was so well organised, she almost couldn’t contain herself. She consequently dived into the world of personal organisers, indulging in the beautiful printouts and accessories.

Her first purchase was a cheeky one. She had fallen in love with washi tape and it’s thousands of exciting uses, and decided that she must have some. So she spent the afternoon bargain hunting, refusing to pay a fortune for something she wasn’t entirely sure she’d actually use. When she found a few from China that were super cheap and would only take a month to arrive (which is quick from China), she didn’t think twice before buying five of them – each a different colour and pattern.

That afternoon, she also purchased herself something significantly more important – the one thing that had started this whole craze off – a beautiful red filofax.

Follow her journey as she learns how to optimise a personal organiser, as well as design her own pages, inserts and dividers and create a personal organiser specifically requested for by her best friend.

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